Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Why do we start a blog!

Everyman(when i say man it includes woman also) has some experiences,some thoughts,some anecdotes,some jokes,some unforgettable moments which he would like to share with others.If what he wants to share should reach maximum number of people,then blog is the one and the best option.After starting a blog and as he goes on posting he gets new friends,who remain faceless;he starts getting comments;his posts get votes;his blog  gets ranked by aggregators.

Now he starts the day by seeing whether there are any new comments;whether his post  is listed under hot posts in tamilmanam,(for tamil blogs).whether there is any improvement in his rank in the aggregators.

Gone are the days when he used to write just to share his thoughts.Instead he starts writing  to get votes and comments;to attract more visitors to his blog,to increase pageviews..he has in his sight,higher ranks in the aggregators.

Of course, he gets elated when he is the numero uno!

He is corrupted!He is not what he was!

(this post is the result of my tamil blog"naan pesa ninaippathellam" getting number one traffic rank as on date in tamilmanam!)